Here outdoor living is our single focus and passion. From design to completion, we specialize in custom designed outdoor living spaces that include decks, porches, and patios along with many other custom features and designs. We are committed to providing you with a complete outdoor living package that fits the desires and lifestyle of your dream backyard.

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We have been designing and building decks for hundreds of satisfied customers, since the founders started doing business in 1990.

Working with some of the most prestigious builders in the region and many homeowners, we design and build custom decks, perfectly suited to meet the homeowners individual decking needs.

Working with traditional materials and the latest composite, limited maintenance products, we lead the industry in decking innovation.

Decks vs Porches - What's the Difference?

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A deck is the most important aspect of a building. It enhances the beauty of a house. A deck is a flat extension area of a building, normally a floor, able to support weights. The deck is usually an outdoor area. The deck of the house is a wooden surface above the ground through which you can access the house.

This is a flat surface that is usually roofless but some buildings have decks with roofs. Without a deck, the house will be incomplete. These decks provide an excellent playing area for children.

Building a deck consists of several steps. This process involves good planning and an equally good execution. The plan will be helpful in the construction of the deck and to obtain the necessary approval from the municipal authorities.

The person who wants to construct a deck in his house can draw a plan on his own with suitable scaling. But, usually this is not recommended. The whole construction process depends upon this plan, so it is essential to have professional help.

While considering the deck layout, the doors of the house have to be kept in mind, since the accessing of the house is through the doors. The other important aspects to keep in mind are the house layout, the existing space outside the house, the grade of the yard and the existing trees or gardens. The decks have to be planned according to the local deck building codes.

The footings and the posts are very important in supporting the deck. The bigger the deck, the more you need the posts. The other important components are joists, decking and railings.

The most popular deck board sizes are 2' x 4', 2' x 6' and 5/4' x 6'. But all these sizes need the same amount of wood and the cost is also the same. The materials that are popular for building decks are redwood, cedar, and pressure treated pine. These woods are known for their moisture resistance. The appropriate railings can be attached to the decks.

Building a deck may sound quite simple with the availability of lots of do-it-yourself materials, but professional help is inevitable in case of any deck construction.