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With over 10 years of experience building decks for Pennsylvania residents, we take pride in our deck designs. is committed to a creating a deck that you will enjoy for many years to come. Several of our outdoor spaces, including custom decks and porches, have achieved awards such as the Awards of Excellence with Home Builders Association of Pennsylvania. We have experience using several types of high quality deck products including pressure treated wood and exotic woods as well as low maintenance composite decking. Plus our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail guarantees you will love the completed project. Adding a patios, landscaping, deck and pathway lighting packages, and an under-deck drainage system can provide the beautiful finishing touches to your custom deck.

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A deck is the most important aspect of a building. It enhances the beauty of a house. A deck is a flat extension area of a building, normally a floor, able to support weights. The deck is usually an outdoor area. The deck of the house is a wooden surface above the ground through which you can access the house.

This is a flat surface that is usually roofless but some buildings have decks with roofs. Without a deck, the house will be incomplete. These decks provide an excellent playing area for children.

Building a deck consists of several steps. This process involves good planning and an equally good execution. The plan will be helpful in the construction of the deck and to obtain the necessary approval from the municipal authorities.

The person who wants to construct a deck in his house can draw a plan on his own with suitable scaling. But, usually this is not recommended. The whole construction process depends upon this plan, so it is essential to have professional help.

While considering the deck layout, the doors of the house have to be kept in mind, since the accessing of the house is through the doors. The other important aspects to keep in mind are the house layout, the existing space outside the house, the grade of the yard and the existing trees or gardens. The decks have to be planned according to the local deck building codes.

The footings and the posts are very important in supporting the deck. The bigger the deck, the more you need the posts. The other important components are joists, decking and railings.

The most popular deck board sizes are 2' x 4', 2' x 6' and 5/4' x 6'. But all these sizes need the same amount of wood and the cost is also the same. The materials that are popular for building decks are redwood, cedar, and pressure treated pine. These woods are known for their moisture resistance. The appropriate railings can be attached to the decks.

Building a deck may sound quite simple with the availability of lots of do-it-yourself materials, but professional help is inevitable in case of any deck construction.

Waterproof Decks and Balconies Over Living Space: Doing It Properly

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Here is a very simple home made recipe for all around cleaning that works great on decks. If you want to finally get rid of that mildew and algae,now is the time. This recipe was handed down from a older gentlemen who was a painter at a country club I met in 1971.

Mildew and algae are usually problems in areas that have a high level of moisture and it typically grows on the north side of the house or shady areas. Its generally an eye sore but left uncheck it can be a hazard. It will create a slippery spot just like a sheet of ice and if you have children or elderly folks its best to remove this problem.

This simple recipe is TSP or trisodium phosphate (TSP can be purchase at your local hardware store) and warm water with a little bleach. The TSP comes is a white power that is a little course and is mix in warm water to help it dissolve.

Bleach is use to destroy micro-organisms such as mildew and algae.

The generic cleaning composition is 1 to 1 1/2 cups TSP to two gallons of warm water,if there is a lot of mold I would add 1/2 cup of household bleach (do not use commercial bleach which is stronger). I generally make my recipe on the lighter side first. I can always make it stronger (stronger means 1 1/2 cups of TSP) or wash the area twice if I want to be careful.

Hose down the deck with water to get the pores of the wood to open up,this makes it easier to clean. With a scrub brush attach to a pole start to applied the cleaning solution on the deck, work a small section at a time. When you are satisfied with the results hose off the cleaner. If the mold has been on the deck for a long time you might not get it all off,so try to be happy with the results you are getting.

Do not try to make a stronger recipe by adding more TSP or bleach,if its necessary to clean the deck again,do so.

Never use bleach on a cedar deck,this will strip away its natural colors. If you are cleaning mildew and algae off of a cedar deck ask your local paint store what product they recommend. My personal preference is to just use a pressure washer with cold water.

Make sure you are careful when pressure washing cedar because its such a soft wood.

Take your time and preparation is the key for a successful job.