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We are the professional North Coventry custom deck builder that you can reach out to for all of your deck building needs. You may have plans to renovate an existing deck or to build a new deck from the ground up in your yard. Whether you have the desire to construct a small, uncovered deck or an elaborate, multi-level deck with custom features, we can help you to bring your vision to life with remarkable results. We want to give you an outdoor space that adds value and function to your home.

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Waterproof decks over living space have proven to be a popular architectural detail. While the functionality of the deck over living space is nice, things turn ugly without proper waterproofing. A very large percentage of flat top roof decks end up leaking within the first several years due to improper design and/or use of the wrong materials. Using a waterproof deck contractor is a good starting point. This is a specialized field that even most general contractors don't like to deal with.

Some major considerations in proper deck design include proper slope, a good drainage scheme, and roof grade flashing details around all edges and walls. Without these crucial elements in place, it really does not matter what waterproofing system you employ. Using a trained waterproof deck expert will dramatically reduce your risk when installing a deck over living space.

Design of the deck over living space should always be done in consultation with the waterproof deck contractor, before construction begins. Framing details, drainage, and floor substrate materials are all needed to compliment the waterproofing system being used. Deck design, waterproofing systems, and tie in trades such as stucco repair are all important.

There are a wide selection of waterproofing systems available on the market today. Two main types are liquid coating systems, and membrane based systems. Generally speaking, the membrane based systems are more durable, have a longer life, and can withstand the movement inherent in wood frame construction. Most failures with liquid coating systems stem from cracks that develop over time due to expansion and contraction. These types of problems are almost non-existent with membrane type systems. One of the most well proven membrane systems is made by Duradek. Many questions arise with respect to tile decks. While this is an entirely different discussion, keep in mind that tile and mortar are not waterproofing systems. Waterproofing must be considered first prior to considering tile, and the system must be designed with tile in mind. Experienced General Contractors can handle all of this for you.

Balconies and second floor decks typically have doors to access the deck. A critical waterproofing detail is to properly flash the door as part of the waterproof deck installation. This detail is known as a door pan flashing. As crucial as this is, it's often overlooked by less experienced contractors.

In conclusion, second story decks over living space are great features, but must be designed properly. Consulting with a professional waterproof deck contractor expert in advance will prevent many problems that are common to decks that are not planned properly.

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Some houses have porches. Some have decks. Some have both.

But what's the difference between decks and porches, anyway? Is it just that one is on the back of your house and one is on the front? What happens if the porch wraps around to the back of the house? Or is it the deck that's wrapping around to the front?

Here's the thing about decks: It doesn't matter whether they're on the front or the back, whether they're called "decks" or "porches." A deck is a sure way to add beauty, value and class to any home.

Decks can be anything. They can be places to fire up the grill, or for jumping into your pool. They can be big or little. Simple or ornate.

It's this versatility that makes trying to differentiate between porches and decks a fruitless affair.

Think about it: There's no end to the possibilities. Here are just a few ideas.

Gazebos. Adding a gazebo to your decking project is a great way to add festivity to your backyard. Decks with gazebos installed in them are the perfect place for parties, cool spring nights, and, if possible, Dixieland jazz bands.

Cabanas. Why not add a roofed- and screened-in area to your new deck? Well-built decks can support some pretty impressive architecture, so there's no reason not to build a structure that'll keep the bugs out as it beautifies your home. It'll also give your home a great tiki feel that'll make it seem just a bit warmer in the winter.

Tree Houses. Who says decks are limited to houses? Nobody, that's who! Now's the perfect time to add a flight of stairs and some decking to that Southern live oak in your backyard. The versatility of decks means there's no end to the possibilities.

Multiple Levels. Your new deck can stretch from the second floor of your home to the first, with a few landings in between for creative uses, like game tables or swinging benches.

Garden Boxes. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to step right out onto your deck whenever you needed some fresh herbs for that tomato sauce you're stewing up? You can make a garden box or a small tree arbor out of the very decking material you're using to build your deck.

Dining Areas. A deck that extends from the dining room or kitchen is an easy way to add elegance to any dinner party. Imagine treating your guests to a view of the outdoors, instead of the four walls of your dining room. And like the garden boxes we mentioned earlier, you can make tables and chairs to match your decking material.

Decks n' Docks. If you're lucky enough to have waterfront property, you may be able to extend your deck into the water. It'll take some creative building and some elbow grease - building into a muddy bank is rarely anyone's idea of a good time - but you'll never regret it for one second.

So - still wondering about porches? Nah, probably not. Decks are where it's at.

But if you still want to call them porches, we won't tell anyone.

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